The Lipstick Rhetoric authors

Both Liptstick Rhetoric authors are ’40-something’, opinionated professional women! We share the same base profession but have attacked it from different angles. One Kiwi, one Australian, we are both married, one of us for the second time. One of us has 3 children, almost grown up now (21, 20 & 17), the other has less grey hair and much more sanity!

We have chosen to remain relatively anonymous in order that we can comment freely without too much reflection back on our friends and families.

We have many similiarities but also differences which we hope will encourage debate amongst ourselve and our followers.

Posts displaying the avatar to the left are written by the twice married Australian mother of 3 children, whereas posts displaying the seahorse to the right are written by the happily married Kiwi who gets to sleep in on weekends

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