Breaking in a new Boss

The last couple of weeks at work have been a bit of a roller coaster ride for me.  My boss left the company and we moved from one floor to another which also coincided with the busiest time of the month. In short work has been all-consuming and exhausting which has resulted in a severe case of no words for this blog.  Thank goodness for having a co-author to keep the words flowing.

My new boss started last Monday.  I was a bit nervous and apprehensive as I had not been included in the recruitment process this time and had no clue what personal qualities had been chosen for this new person.  All I knew was this time it is a male boss.  In some ways I think that is a good thing as the company I work for is made up of about 95% women.  I have never found this to be an issue before but for some reason in this particular organisation it has resulted in a bit of a nasty bitchy work place.  So the arrival of a bit more testosterone is welcome.

My first impressions were that he seemed like a nice person, friendly and personable.  But now the job begins of  sharing the knowledge I have accumulated over the last five years of the industry and the business and until he picks things up he is about as useful to me as an ash tray on a motorbike.

I have a lot on at work at the moment as I have had to provide cover for a vacancy we have been unable to fill for the past 3 weeks.  So far there has not been one suitable applicant so things are not looking good for an imminent replacement.  One person into two full-time positions does not equal 8 hours of work, so the hours have been long and tiring.

My last boss, was wonderful and would get stuck in and help me out with the extra work.  She would never just walk out the door and leave me to it even if I told her there was no need to stay. She was very supportive.  My new boss on the other hand left before me every day last week and never once offered to provide any assistance. I should add that most of this work I have also had to learn in the last 3 weeks, never having done it before myself, so not knowing how is not a valid excuse.  There are very thorough written procedures and there is nothing difficult about the work, there is just lots of it.

So not off to a great start I am afraid.  In fact was feeling a bit peeved by Friday night. Twice last week he almost ran out the door at 5.00pm. such was his haste to get away.  I am in danger of slipping into generalisation mode when I ponder whether male bosses are less likely to roll up their sleeves and help as part of their approach to management.  My last male boss never did anything practical to help out either, but maybe I have just been unlucky with male bosses and blessed with female bosses who have been a pleasure to work for.

Hopefully week two of the new boss will prove to be a better one.

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