Love – fact or fantasy

By nature I am a sceptic, needing evidence to believe in something. I struggle with religion for the very reason that there is no concrete or scientific evidence. I would love to have a faith that gives me comfort, but instead get frustrated with what I see as hypocrisy in structured religions. Our churches (of many different religions) are some of the worlds richest institutions, yet many people worldwide live in absolute poverty, this is a major problem for me.

While I battle with my religious beliefs, I am still very curious about many aspects of several religions and have had many  in depth conversations with people about their faith. I have over the years gotten many interesting and varied definitions about God, faith and religion.

During a conversation with my daughter recently I was struck by how nebulous and ‘user defined’ love is as well. We all have our own beliefs and thresholds for declaring we love someone. We all have different types and degrees of love. When we love someone we can never see it ending, yet sadly all too often it does. so is love real or is it a concept we use to validate ourselves? If we love and are loved back does this not mean we are more worthy than if we don’t or aren’t?

Is love also an excuse we can use to treat each other poorly? The old saying ‘You only hurt the ones you love’ springs to mind. We don’t love strangers we meet but on the whole we are polite and civil, yet amongst families who supposedly love each other sometimes abysmal behaviour is tolerated.

We can be in love with someone and honestly believe we have found our soul mate, yet when the relationship ends and a new one starts we feel we have never loved liked this before, so was the first love real? How do we know what real love is?

Interesting that we can be all be searching and seeking something so hard to define.

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  1. goodoldgirl

     /  May 4, 2012

    Faith and religion are not the same thing. I have infinite faith and belief in God but believe that organized religion is just community. Love doesn’t have to be forever to be real. It doesn’t have to be two-sided. I think that most people confuse love with obsession. Just my two cents.

  2. ashasuparna

     /  May 20, 2012

    I recently got married, and I still wonder if I’m in love or not. Sometimes I feel love is just another words for let’s – take – you – for -granted and that just sucks.


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