The weaker sex?

We had a young woman at work ask to go home sick this week because she had period pains.  As someone who has had problems with bad periods, I can sympathise with how bad the pain can get, but I have a problem with the need to take a sick day for it.

For one thing, here in Australia we are entitled to 10 sick days per year and normally periods occur 12 times a year so the maths doesn’t really add up.

Secondly, it is a normal part of our lives and I would suggest that it is necessary to find a way of managing the pain so that it does not cause us to opt out of life once a month for the forty years or more that this will be part of our lives.

But my main irritation with taking a sick day for this comes back to the fact that women have been asking to be taken seriously and treated as equals in the world and the work force for decades and playing the “I’ve got my period” card plays right into the hands of those who still see us as the weaker sex and look for reasons why we should be treated differently from men and not be given opportunities to advance our careers.

To the young woman concerned I would like to say, harden up, find something that helps you deal with the pain and just get on with it because you are not doing other women any favours by behaving in this way.

Maybe you think this view is overly harsh and lacking in empathy.  But I get so frustrated with the attitudes of some of the younger women coming into the work force, who do not seem to have any appreciation for the efforts made by woman of past generations, who have come before us and battled so that the modern woman can be independent and have the career of her choice.

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  1. Some of those women really have no idea what it means to work hard. But I could also understand her in a way, because my period pains are so strong that when I have them, I look like I’m about to die. Waiting for mine to come, lol! Great post!

  2. Here, here sister!


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