Is this as good as it gets?

Do you ever find yourself thinking is this it?  Is this as good as life is going to get?

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a simpler life?  Perhaps move somewhere cheaper where you can afford to clothe and feed yourself without having to work ridiculous hours stuck in an office, day in and day out to pay the bills. Where you could just enjoy living?  Fresher air and no neighbours so close you can hear them coughing through the walls of your house.

We work really hard to create a life for ourselves, somewhere to live, someone to share it with, but sometimes we have to work so hard to maintain it I wonder whether it is worth it.

I have heard stories of people selling up everything to have a ‘sea-change’ or a ‘tree-change’, moving out of the city and into smaller towns.  But you still need to support yourself and jobs in small towns can be really hard to come by.  I wonder whether a person from out of town would ever find out about the few jobs which are available or whether you have to be a 10th generation local to be in the know.

The thought of moving somewhere somewhat remote to live a fairly self sufficient life has some appeal.  Somewhere with enough space to have a vegetable garden, maybe a few chickens, a water tank, some solar panels and maybe a small wind turbine to generate power. Would a born and bred city girl adapt to such a lifestyle or is it some kind of idealistic dream?

Maybe this really is as good as it gets.  Maybe this is just how life is meant to be and I should stop dreaming and just get on with it. Or could I just be experiencing a mid-life crisis?

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  1. I see, that not only me is making so many questions. 🙂


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