Gender differences – celebrate don’t obliterate

We hear so much these days about equality that sometimes I fear we are trying to homogenise society. I am absolutely all for maintaining the hard-fought women’s right to work and vote but the idea of the sexes being absolutely equal does not sit well with  me. Like it or not there are differences and I don’t see any reason to try to pretend there aren’t.

There has been much debate about women joining police forces, armed forces and having the right to fight. I have no objection to this as long as those women can meet the physical requirements of the job. Concessions should not be made. I have a friend who has been a long serving police officer, he joined the force when there were still height requirements that meant women could not be admitted. Ask him how he feels about having a 5ft female partner who in a mob situation needed protection, it not only put her in danger but also him, and meant he was unable to do his job.

To me this is political correctness gone too far. If someone is not up to the physical, or mental demands of a job, regardless of sex they should not be allowed to do it just because some quota system says we have to have gender diversity. I read somewhere that 30% of women who wish to join the armed forces cannot throw a grenade far enough that when it explodes it will not take them up with it. Does anyone think this is a good idea?

I am a strong, independent person, who has survived as a single mother of 3 children under the age of 5. I can lay tiles, change brake pads on a car, hang a door and many other things that are not traditionally feminine skills. But, at times, like it or not I have to get my husband to do some things that I cannot do, sometimes I find it frustrating, like when I want to plant that tree but the ground is too hard for me to dig the hole. At other times I am happy to let the ‘big strong man’ step in, like when there’s a big hairy spider crawling up the wall. If I have to deal with it I can but I am very happy to let him come to my rescue in that area.

Why do we, as women, feel the need to prove that we can do everything? Is a female somehow less worthy just because she is not as tall, or as strong? Can we not celebrate the things we do well, things that many men struggle with. Our ability to nurture, to multi-task, to soothe, all things that in general women outshine men in, are these not as valuable as faster, bigger muscles?

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  1. Great post and totally agree. I am not much a fan of affirmative action but am drawn towards strong women who just get on with it. They understand the rules of the game and play them in a way that is their own. Thanks for introducing me to your blog!

  2. I agree with you but let’s think about it, this whole feminist movement started ages ago when all a woman could do is take care of the kids, cook and clean. They felt like they needed to be treated equally, which I totally agree with. This concept developed, until it reached our days which is why nowadays, they still ‘fight’ for being equal. Although we, as in women, are the majority we still are suppressed somehow. I do believe that some things are made only for men, or mostly men and that some are for women, but women still have that idea in their had, that they have to prove themselves to everyone that they can do everything. I don’t know if this makes sense, but it does in my head. I kind of learned about this in History so I’m glad to state my point of view.

  3. Reblogged this on Lex'sThoughts and commented:
    To some extent it is true, but we, as women were ‘taught’ in a way to ‘fight’ for what we want and it all started from the days when all women could do was have kids, cook and clean.


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