My Family Stickers (what’s that about?)

Social networking has become a way of life.  We post status updates on face book and twitter about something or nothing and now we have decided that the back window of our cars need a status update about our family.

I don’t really understand the need to display the contents of your family including the dog the cat and the goldfish across the back of your car.

There is a certain amount of smugness attached to this display of family ownership and quite a lot of delusion.  Why are all the pictures thin and happy and carefree with various pieces of paraphernalia to indicate current interests?

Where is the picture of the bald guy with the beer gut?  What about a picture of mum running around like a crazy thing trying to deliver her little darlings to all of those activities they are participating in?

I saw one car window the other day which included a picture of a child with wings and a halo.  I felt first confused and then sad.  Is this the favourite child who is a little angel, or has this child actually died in which case how awful!

I have to take my hat off however to the person who came up with this idea. At $4.00 each, you are making a fortune off people’s misguided idea that other people care about knowing their family.  Congratulations, your superannuation fund is looking very healthy!

Given her rant above, my co-author would probably appreciate a variation on these stickers my husband saw the other day on his way to work. It read:

dilligaf sticker family

A quick google showed this to mean: “does it look like a give a f**k”, sums it up nicely one would think!

On a more serious note, I did hear an interview with a psychologist who said these stickers were actually a symptom of our lack of community closeness. In past generations church, school, work and neighbourhood gatherings meant that we all knew our surrounding neighbours. Now so much of our interaction with each other is done through a non-personal medium, such as email, Facebook, and other types of social media, including blogging. So apparently these stickers are a way of connecting with people.

Maybe I am old-fashioned enough (or just plain old enough) but if I want to connect with someone I will do it on a more personal level, I don’t need to put stickers on my car.

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  1. I hate the stickers. I hate the little mother stickers with their highs heels and purses. The whole sticker thing is a stereotype and have you noticed adores mostly 4WD’s. There is even a sticker to tell the world you have a fish. What the….? Down with the sticker.


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