Things which drive me crazy

It seems that amongst the skills that have gone missing in action in the world which we currently live in is the ability to have respect for our fellow man-kind. Good old fashioned manners.

It’s every man or woman for themselves out there.  You can see it in the way people drive, weaving in and out of the traffic just to get ahead.  People pull in front of you and give a flippant little wave. This wave drives me crazy when I have no choice but to slam on the brakes to avoid driving up the backside of their car.

I hate it when people sit in public places like buses or trains or shopping malls with their phone glued to their ear having very loud conversations with someone. No one else wants to hear about your boyfriend or what possible things you could have for dinner tonight.

How rude is it when you go out for a meal or coffee with someone and their phone rings or they get a text in the middle of your conversation and they suddenly ignore you and give their phone their full attention?

I hate it when mobile phones ring in the middle of a movie or a concert.  It is very disruptive to those sitting around you, so imagine how distracting it is to the performers if it is a live show.

How many times when you are out shopping do you finally find the perfect thing and then you cannot find a single person to process the sale for you?  Or worse there are two assistants standing behind the counter having a chat but not interested in serving you.  The worst shopping experience I ever had was in a large department store and I finally found someone to help me and they told me they could not serve me because they did not work for that brand, I would need to find someone who sold that brand. Don’t they know their customers don’t care about that?

What about cyclists who ride in the middle of the lane so that you have to crawl along behind them?  Then the lights turn red and they just sail on through while you are left stopped at the lights.

I get annoyed by children playing tag in the supermarket aisles and their parents ignoring their bad behaviour and carrying on with their shopping oblivious. Supermarkets are not play grounds.

How about those massive buggies/strollers?  (Got to get the right brand – it is an important status symbol)  They take up the whole path and you are expected to get out of their way.   This makes no sense when the buggies have amazing wheels and I am struggling desperately to control those crazy wheels they put on supermarket trolleys.

People who fill the intersection with their cars so that when the traffic lights change nobody can move and we are all stuck there until eventually we miss the lights.

People who insist on reversing into a car space and make everyone wait for them, especially when they can’t back to save themselves and it takes them multiple attempts to park the car.

Waiting in the queue at the supermarket only to find that the person in front of me has eco bags which slow the whole process down. I have a problem with those bags, not with the save the planet concept but with the fact that the supermarkets who have actively promoted them (for a price) have not set the checkouts up to cater for the bags.  Why not have eco bag only lanes?  Or better still once the technology is in place to scan our items as we shop, then we can put the items directly into our eco bags in our trolleys.  Then I will buy my own eco bags and happily use them.

Put this down to the rants of a grumpy old woman, but it is certainly cathartic.  I feel somewhat better now.

I agree with all the above and thought that as another grumpy old women I would add a couple more:

People in shopping centres who walk 3 and4 abreast at a snails pace so that nobody can round them, or worse those ones that just stop right there in front of you.

Parents who use their strollers or prams as a stop traffice sign. Blows my mind when I see them waiting to cross the road and they are safely on the curb while the pram containing their child is stuck out in front of them.

Teen speak. The word like is not a form of punctuation, stop using it 3 and 4 times in a sentence.

Men who blame women’s hormones for anything and everything, especially when it is while women are disagreeing with men.

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  1. goodoldgirl

     /  April 1, 2012

    You’ve pretty much touched on all my pet peeves except for:

    Parking space bullies who, even though as they arrive they can clearly see I’ve been sitting there waiting for that car to leave the space, slide right on in there because they’re coming from a direction that makes it easy to do.

    Parking lot pedestrians who push their carts down the middle of the drive lane instead of to the side.

    Drive up window workers who are about 40 years younger than me but call me honey or sweetheart. If I did that to people my age when I was their age, I’d’ve been struck by lighting!

    Well, I feel better now. Great post!!

  2. It’s such a “me” world.


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