Lots of choices but are we happier?

Women seem to have more choices about life and career than ever before and yet I wonder if we are actually any happier than our mothers or grandmothers were.

Do we in actual fact have too many choices and spend much of our lives fretting about getting it right?

Perhaps the concept of choice is a misnomer. How much of what happens in our life is the result of an active choice made and how much of it is just because life has turned out that way?

Interesting thought from my co-author. I pose another question, with so much choice do we now feel we have to do everything?

Have we become a generation of women trying to be superwomen, and at times falling into the trap of doing many things badly rather than one or two things excellently.

I have at times combined raising 3 children on my own after a divorce, working fulltime and then decided to add studying on top of that. The urge to prove I could manage, that I could handle anything and everything was very strong. Came close to imploding many times.

Have I learnt to step back and choose a few things to concentrate on? I would love to say yes but I do still struggle with the need to be perfect and to live up to all those superwomen who are constantly paraded in front of us in the media. When are we as a group going to stand tall and admit we can fail but still be marvellous!!!

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