Clothes for ‘Real Women’

Talk to your female friends and colleagues and you will soon realise that no matter what your size, many women struggle to find clothes which fit them really well.  We all have something about our bodies we are not so happy with.  Parts of us we would rather play down than accentuate.  Sometimes we know exactly which styles and colours make us look at our best, but because it is not in fashion this season it is not available.

Where are the clothes for real women? How hard is it to find a shirt which does up comfortably over your boobs?  Have you ever tried on a pair of pants only to find that you can’t get them over your thighs?  Or they fit nicely around the hips but the waist band is too loose?  Isn’t it time the fashion houses realised that women come in all shapes and sizes and combinations of these?

Being larger around the middle does not automatically mean that we are six-foot tall and therefore looking for something which comes down to our knees.  It also does not mean that we have suddenly lost all sense of style and want to dress in large swirly patterns and loud colours or dress like our grandmothers.

I’m convinced that there is a huge market out there made up of real women just waiting for someone to realise the potential and create a brand of clothing designed with the average woman in mind.  Is there anyone out there who is prepared to take up the challenge?

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