Are women their own worst enemy in the work force?

Women have been working for decades to be taken seriously in the business world.  Women are now more educated than ever before and there are many more opportunities for successful careers for women.  But for some reason we don’t seem to be very supportive of each other.

Rather than build up and encourage other women in business and provide a supportive environment for success, we delight in finding fault and bitching about each other.  We really don’t do ourselves any favours.

When looking for explanations for why there are not more women in senior positions in business, perhaps we should take a good long look at ourselves and ask whether we have contributed through our words and actions to a work force which would rather work for a man than a woman.

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  1. Vicki

     /  March 17, 2012

    Having worked in mainly male dominated workforces I have recently moved into an almost all female company. I was very excited at the prospect of what I hoped would be a supportive and nurturing environment. Sadly, how wrong I was. The gossip, whispering and bullying is worse then anything I have found in more male businesses. Why do women seem almost hardwired to sabotage each other and then ultimately themselves. Not a good look ladies, the old saying united we stand, divided we fall springs to mind!

  2. Triana

     /  March 17, 2012

    To be honest I think it’s a matter of survival of the fittest. Let’s be completely honest and acknowledge that we’re lucky if there is one female in a senior executive role at all- let alone numerous. Women see this and survival mode kicks in. If they are to be the one woman in that senior role then they must swat the competition- every other rising female colleague poses a threat.

  3. I agree, Women don’t seem to know how to dress, act or have a team spirit when it comes to the work environment. Very sad, we broke the glass ceiling to act like this !

    • It is very sad. It makes me wonder how the women who worked so hard to secure the vote for women and pave the way for the freedoms the modern woman experiences (and takes for granted) would view the lack of progress we have made since.

      • My daughter called me on the phone to tell me of her day at work. She walked in to find a co-worker(female) going through her desk looking for food. She put her purse down and said good morning…the woman walked away and grunted. Later that day she was complaining about a headache. She was at her desk working with one ear bud in to listen to music and still hear her environment. They thought she had both buds in and began talking about her “faking” a migraine. My daughter has P.A.T. (heart condition) sometimes her migraines cause an episode with her heart. Which it did that day. She collapsed unconscious her heart rate was 224 bpm and white as death. They called an ambulance and she was paddled to get heart heart rate back to normal. Maybe next time they’ll think about what they say and assume about their co-workers. Really what if she had died after hearing those cruel words! what is wrong with people ??


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